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After successful show weekends in 2022 and 2023, we currently have 3 show weekends ready for 2024. In addition, we have several events under planning. You can book 3 of the shows already now:  






Simply The Best - The Tina Turner Story

30.May - 1. June 2024

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It`s all Musical - The Musical Gala


26.-28. SEPTEMBER 2024

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21.-23. SEPTEMBER 2023

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I`m a Soulman - A tribute to the Blues Brothers

05.-07. MAI 2022

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All you need is love - The Beatles musical

04.-06. AUGUST 2022

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Stars In Concert - Christmas Special

 18.-19. november 2022

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Read about previous shows and artists from Stars in Concert:


Coco Fletcher as Whitney Houston and Tina Turner

estrel whitneyhouston fletcher01 01    estrel sic tinaturner 04


Coco Fletcher comes from Huntsville (Alabama) and has spent more than 10 years in the show business whitin various genres such as rock, pop, jazz and blues. Performences with many well-known musicians such as Little Milton and Bobby Womack, first took her to Las Vegas and finally to Berlin. In September 1997, she was one of the first in the cast of "Stars in Concert". In 1999 she got the lead role in the revue "Elements" at Friedrichstadtpalast. After this she returned to "Stars in Concert" and has had big success. She demonstrates her amazing talent and incredible versatility when she impersonates Tina Turner. With the distinct sound in her voice, her extraordinary outfits and a performance bursting with energy, she brings the great rock diva back on stage. But as soon as she takes on the role as Whitney Houston, the wild rock singer is no longer noticeable. Coco Fletcher is the most virsatile artist on the show Stars in Concert. Both visually and musically, she presents two significant singers in the history of music, where she captivates the audience with her convincing interpretation of Whitney Houston and Tina Turner. 


Melissa Totten as Madonna

 Madonna 4 01


Melissa Totten came up with the idea of appearing professionally as "Madonna" in Chicago in 1988: She was on the bus to Chicago College, where she was studying to be a copywriter, when a passenger commented on Totten's astonishing resemblance to "The Queen of Pop" and asked her every now and then to perform at a company event. She then realized she could make a career out of it. Meanwhile, the native American has appeared as Madonna in a long line of productions around the world for more than 20 years. Including six years in the show "Legends in Concert" in Las Vegas, and since 1997 she has been a permanent member of the ensemble at "Stars in Concert" in Berlin. Her visual and vocal perfection as Madonna is fascinating. Her skilled and well-executed performance means that she can easily be mistaken for the right star. Totten got her big break in the limelight during a cruise in 1990, where she was part of the famous cast of Al Anthony's "Salute to the Superstars" for six months. After that, Korea, Australia, Mexico, India, Thailand, Spain, Hungary, Sweden, Turkey and Japan were among the stations in her career.  


Robert Hawthorn as Rod Stewart

 estrel sic rodstewart hawthorn 01 01

When Rod Stewart had his farewell tour with the band "Faces", Robert Hawthorn stood side by side with him on stage. At the time, however, no one thought that Hawthorn would one day become one of Rod Stewart's best doublegängers. With Stars in Concert, he takes us on a journey back in time with hits such as "Sailing", "Maggie May", "Hot Legs" and "Tonights the night". With his 20 years in show business in the band "Strider", he was constantly asked about his resemblance to Rod Stewart. He finally decided to implement a character of the superstar and the result is simply impressive! The voice, appearance, personality and movements convince even Rod Stewart's biggest fans!


Chris and Geoff Dahl as "The Blues Brothers"

estrel sic bluesbrothers 10 1240


Chris and Geoff Dahl have been on international stages as "Blues Brothers" for many years. In the program for the Las Vegas Live Show "Stars in Concert", with their energetic performance, they have become favorites of the audience. The brothers, who were born in London/ Ontario, Canada, are not only gifted singers, but also demonstrate outstanding musical talent when it comes to instrumentation. Geoff Dahl masters several instruments simultaneously: Guitar, bass, harmonica, violin and banjo. Between 1980 and 1989 he played in four top-40 rock bands. Later, he switched completely to the blues with the "Uptown Blooze Band" and played with well-known musicians such as Donny Walsh (Downchild Blues Band), John Ellison, Chicago Pete, Mel Brown, Shirley King and during his time with "Old Chicago Blues Band". Also with blues legend Dutch Mason. Since 1995, the freelance musician and composer has lived up to his role as "Elwood Blues" and repeatedly triggers storms of applause from the audience with his harmonica solos. Chirs Dahl's first instrument was drums, later on he played clarinet in the school band and later learned guitar and piano at a music academy. Like his brother he also played in "Uptown Blooze Band" and other top-40 bands before he concentrated entirely on his career as "Jake Blues" in the mid-90s. 


Since then, the two brothers have delighted audiences around the world: In addition to countless performances in the US and Canada, Chris and Geoff Dahl have also appeared on stages in the United Arab Emirates and in Bosnia. 



Awarded "Best Musical Tribute Show" at the Real Awards in Las Vegas 2020!

TinaTurner Story A5 hoch printAfter waiting a whole year, we are delighted to welcome you to a unique experience 9- 11. September!

We welcome Coco Fletcher in the role of Tina Turner! She is joined on stage by Vasti Jackson as Ike Turner!

Della Miles as Jesse Smith, Meimouna Coffi as Vendetta Fields, Sharlie Pryce as Robby Montgomery, all the girls from "The Ikettes", as well as Miku Graham - backing vocals!

The show takes the audience on a journey through five decades of the rock icon's musical history and their greatest hits from one of the most important artists of our time. 

"Simply The Best" depcts Tina Turner's content-rich life during two hours packed with live music and impressive scenes. From her first successes, difficult times with a drug addict and violent husband, let down by a great love and finally - after the seperation when Tina got her new start and a popularity that skyrocketed in the 80s. 

"Tina Turner Story" is a tribute to the exeptional artist who has shaped half a century of rock history. 

With over 180 million records sold, countless number 1 hits and placements including "Simply the best", "Private dancer" and "We don't need another hero". 

Inspired by this unique artist, Dorothea "Coco" Fletcher (USA) manages to imitate the world star perfectly and is considered one of the best doublegängers in the world. 

With a unique voice and an energetic performance, she brings the rock diva back on stage and takes the audience by storm!





Video priview of Simply the Best!















Not anyone can play the role as Tina & Ike Turner and The Ikettes with band. A bit about the artists!

Coco (Dorothea) Fletcher as Tina Turner

estrel tinaturner fletcher01

Coco grew up in Alabama listening to the songs of the great jazz and blues singers. She decided early on to devote herself entirely to music. After many club performances, she celebrated her first successes in Las Vegas: where she appeared with soul greats such as The Platters, Bobby Womack and Millie Jackson and performed in the shows "Legends in Concert" and "American Superstars". Thus began the European adventure. Since 1997, she has been part of the cast in the internationally famous doubles show "Stars in Concert" at the Estrel Hotel Berlin. One of the highlights in her career was a duet with Jermaine Jackson (Jackson Five). In 1999 she got the lead role in "Elements" and in "Jingle Bells" at the Friedrichstadtpalast in Berlin. We guarentee a terrific professional show with Coco in the lead!













VASTI JACKSON as "Ike Turner" and on guitar.

MAN 8269In more than 43 years as a professional musician, Vasti Jackson has been a force in the music world!

He is a skilled performer, songwriter, arranger and producer. Since he started as a musician in churches and dance bars in McComb, Mississippi, he has played at festivals, concerts and theater around the world. He has worked with i.a. BB King, The Grammys, Harry Connick, Jr. Martin Scorsese, Wynton Marsalis, Dr. John and Cassandra Wilson and was inducted into the Mississippi Musician Hall of Fame in 2012. In 2015 he received the Albert King Lifetime Guitar Award. Vasti Jackson has played on Dan Akroyd's House of Blues Radio Hour, performed, written, produced and recorded music for HBO, VH1, Mississippi Educational Television and the BBC (British Broadcasting Corp.). Vasti Jackson moves effortlessly between blues, soul, jazz, funk, gospel and pop. 












The choir ladies "The Ikettes"

MAN 8341 1


DELLA MILES as Jesse Smith in "The Ikettes"

Della MilesThe American discovered her passion for music as a child. Miles gained musical experience very early in various gospel choirs and in her parent's live club in Houston/ Texas. Passion became calling and before starting her own career, she worked with greats such as Stevie Wonder, Marla Glenn, Joshua Kadison and Whitney Houston, with whom she toured the world for four years. 

In Michael Jackson's "Sisterella", Miles shone in the lead role of "Ella" as a musical actress. Marius Müller-Westernhagen became aware of Berliner by choice when he saw one of her live performances. He hired her on his trips. Together with Müller-Westernhagen, she produced her current album "Simple Days", which after her debut "Follow Me (The D-Tour)" was yet another proof of her quality as a musician and songwriter. Miles inspires the audience with his own pieces, some pop, some ballads and rock songs. 






SHARLIE PRYCE as Robbie Montgomery in "The Ikettes"

Sharlie PryceShe was born in London, and studied dance, singing and acting in Gothenburg and London. Her biggest and most famous engagements included "Cats" at the Hamburg Operettenhaus and "Porgy & Bess" at the Theater des Westens Berlin. For several years she has been a member of the ensemble "Stars in Concert", where in addition to her work as a background singer in "ELVIS - Das Musical" she also worked as a singer in the "Stars in Concert" production "A tribute to Boney M." occurs. Sharlie Pryce is also an active writer and co-wrote the novel "Salome" with Jade Valor. She is currently working on her first book in the "Shudan Rising" series. 









MIKU GRAHAM as Vendetta Fields in "The Ikettes" and Backing vocal

Miku GrahamCanadian Miku Graham is very versatile: she sings, writes and arranges songs and plays. With the musical Mamma Mia! she toured North America for three years before starring in the Canadian television series "Instant Star" for three seasons. She also appeared on stage with international superstars such as Annie Lennox and Angelique Kidjo. She has regularly sung background vocals for record producer Bob Ezrin (including Pink Floyd) and the Canadian band the Arkells. 















Elvis - From Rock n`Roll to Gospel - with the Stamps Quartet 


Grahame Patrick as Elvis Presley

Elvis Musical ohneSchrift


 We introduce the main artist, Grahame Patrick, referred to as "the best Elvis since Elvis": 

Grahame was born in Dublin. He was brought up in a musical home, with a father who was a musician and thus a natural role model for Grahame.
Grahame's fascination with Elvis came in his early years, and the idea of performing as the "King of Rock'n Roll" was something he decided early on to carry out. 
"I wanted to pass on the passion I've always had for Elvis' music to others, in a package that is both realistic and can bring out the emotions in the audience", says Grahame Patrick himself.
As a young man, he moved to Toronto, Canada with his parents. Here he started performing Elvis impersonations in bars and clubs in the early 90s.
One evening his talent was discovered by a producer, who ended up giving him a contract that very evening. 
Then followed a period of 7 years with a high number of shows in Las Vegas - the eldorado for show business.
In 2003, Grahame Patrick became part of Stars in Concert, in Berlin.

He became the front man in "Elvis - The Musical", which has been shown in Europe since 2004. 
In this way, he has shown what an exeptional artist he is, with an appearance and a voice that could be mistaken for "The King" himself.
In 2015, the musical toured around Germany, Austria and Switzerland - they visited over 60 cities, and had over 100,000 visitors.



The Stamps Quartet

elvis gospel stamps


 The Stamps Quartet has the longest history of a male quartet in the US, and the wheels are still turning. According to music historians, they are the foremost and most recognized Gospel quartet of all time. They have also achieved legend status whitin Gospel music. They have recieved a large number of awards, including Grammy and Dove awards such as "Best Gospel Group" and "Best Gospel Albums". The original Stamps Quartet also toured with Elvis Presley from 1971 to 1977, and held over 1000 concerts with the King of Rock'nRoll. 






Ed Enoch





A legend in the music industry. With a wonderful voice and a wonderful story, he is recognized worldwide. He grew up in a small town east of Nashville, Tennessee, and has been passionately involved in music since he was a small boy. Ed started his professional career way back in 1969 with the Stamps Quartet, and later became managerand leader of the group. He started working with Elvis in 1971, and toured with him until his death in 1977. "Working with Elvis was a fantastic experience, he was in a class of his own. Elvis was a good friend, and I will never forget his talent, so it is important for us in the Stamps Quartet to keep Elvis Presley alive through music," says Ed. In addition to being on tour with Elvis, Ed Enoch also participated as a vocalist in Elvis's films "Aloah from Hawaii" and "Elvis on Tour" which won a Golden Globe in 1972. 

He has also worked closely with several other artists such as Alan Jackson, Tammy Wynette, Loretta Lynn, Brenda Lee and many others. 

Ed Enoch is also a member of the Gospel Music Hall of Fame. 








The ABBA story - Thank you for the music


Agnetha - performed by Rachel Hiew

rachel agnetha
British Rachel Hiew completed her song and dance education at the "Arts Educational School" in London, with a Lloyd-Webber scholarship. In 1990 she was awarded the "Best all around student" award. Through her arrangements/ engagement all over Europe, she was able to show her versatile talent both as a singer and dancer. In England she has played in "Cinderella", "Aladdin", "Orpheus in the underworld" and "Joy to the world". In Austria she has played in "Shakespear & Rock'n Roll" (a production by Bernhard Kurz). In Germany she has starred in "The Musical Night S:E:T German Tour", "Grease", "Starlight Express", "Westside Story", "My Fair Lady", "Cabaret" and "Evita". Hiew has also played in a number of guest roles, such as in "Phantom der Oper". In 1983 Rachel played in the English "Eastenders" for a year, in addition she had other roles besides this one. As a solo singer, she has worked with the M.S Europa cruise ship. On the scene in Berlin, she is known as vocalist in the soul band "power unit" and vocalist in the disco band "DiskoInferno". Hiew also plays the role of "Cher", "Jennifer Lopez" and "Amy Winehouse" at the Stars in Concert in Estrel Berlin. 









Annifrid - performed by Dominique Lacasa


Dominique Annifrid
Domnique Lacasa was born in Berlin as the daughter of Spanish-German parents (musicians). As a child she took piano, guitar and ballet lessons and got her first studio and stage experience at the age of eight. After finishing her education, she began singing studies at the "Hanns Eisler" Academy of Music in Berlin, where she graduated with a diploma in jazz singing. This was followed up by many engagements as singers, shoe players and presenters in film, TV and on stage. Dominique Lacasa toured as the main character in the musical production "Abbafever" through Germany and Europe and was a soloist in the Friedrichstadtpalast-Revue "Rhythm Berlin". With her own compositions, she regularly tours with her band. Since 2016, Dominique has been part of the Abba musical ensemble "Thank you for the music", and she is absurdly authentic in the role of Anni-Frid. 



Benny - performed by Jarek Jeziorowski

jarek benny

Jarek Jeziorowski completed his musical education at the Karol Szymanowski Music Academy in Jazz, Pop, Rock Saxophone in Katowice, Poland. Since the mid-90s, he has been versatile in the music and entertainment industry, and has been a permanent member of orchestra in the Wintergarten Variete Berlin, the Savoy Dance Orchestra and the Berlin Pops Orchestra as well as musical director for the Witzigmann Palazzo in Hamburg and Frankfurt am Main and the Schuhbeck Teatro Munich. He has been a musician in a number of well-known TV productions, shows and musicals, including various Wintergarten Variety shows, as well as in the musicals "Jesus Christ Superstar", "Dirty Dancing" and "Behind the Horizon". Jarek has worked with greats such as Paul Kuhn, Hugo Strasser, Joy Fleming, Bonnie Tyler and Barbera Schöneberger. The musical all-rounder that he is, he masters a number of instruments, and is regularly on tour as a musician on tours and shows for the productions of "Stars in Concert". Since 2018 he has taken on the role of Benny in the ABBA musical "Thank you for the music", and together with "Agnetha", "Anni-Frid" and "Björn" they took the audience back to the glamorous times of the 70s. 







 Björn - performed by Jules Dodd

jules bjørn


Jules Dodd is a British musician who has played with artists such as the country rock band Eagles, singer/ songwriter John Mayer, country superstar Shania Twainand pop icon Kylie Minogue. As a big ABBA fan, he followed ABBA's success with great interest, and he is all the more excited now to perform the musical work of his idols as a member of the ABBA story "Thank you for the music" ensemble. Above all, the guitarist and songwriter appreciated the timelessness of ABBA's music, because even today the songs of the four Swedes are highly relevant. 




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