Cycling routes

In Lærdal you get great cycling experiences, either on a racing bike, touring bike or mountain bike, for both the easy Sunday ride and for the professional. The valley floor is very suitable for easy tours for all levels and age groups. We have almost car-free side roads up the valley (parallel roads to the E-16) and a great almost car-free road along the fjord to the old ferry port Revsnes. 




Below you can download maps and descriptions. We wish you a good cycling trip in Lærdal! 


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Lærdal - "Snow-road" - Lærdal

The bike ride from Lærdal to Aurland via the famous "snow-road", Aurlandsvegen, is perhaps the most spectacular bike ride in Norway. From fjord to fjord. The highest point is at 1,400 meters and the route has approx. 25 km climb. Experience snow on the sides of the road and the best view of the fjord. 

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Lærdalsdalen easy and flat, up to 32 km

From the holiday park you drive through the village of Lærdal and further along the famous Lærdal's river. On the route you will find great motives for photographing or just enjoying the nature. If you're lucky, you will also get to see one of the anglers with freshly caught salmon! Experience fjord and river on the same trip. There are few cars on the route.

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Lærdal - Vindedal (along the Sognefjorden) - Lærdal

From the holiday park you drive directly along the scenic Sognefjord. This route is one of the most wonderful cycling routes! Here you will find total silence, the fjord is right next to you and almost no cars on the road. In addition, a route with almost no climb. Here everyone can thrive and enjoy the nature without any challenge!

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Lærdal - Borgund - Lærdal

The bike ride from Lærdal to Borgund offers a lot of history, along the route you will also find 4 parallel historical routes! The bike ride is well suited to be combined with a walk along the King's road. The end station is the well-known Borgund Stave church, built around 1180.

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Lærdal - Borgund - Hemsedalsfjellet - Lærdal

The bike ride from Lærdal to Hemsedalsfjellet goes through Lærdalsdalen and Borgund, which offers a lot of history. The cycle tour is well suited to combine a hike on the historic King's Road. 

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Lærdal - Råsdalen - Lærdal

The bike ride from Lærdal, up through opp Råsdalen, is perhaps one of the best "secret" bike rides in Europe. Here you will find all your peace. There are hardly any cars (private road) and few tourists! The path only goes up to Høgfjellet at an altitude of about 1.500 metres. At the top of the mountain lies a hunting and fishing paradise.

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Lærdal - Borgund - Fillefjell - Lærdal

The bike ride from Lærdal to Fillefjell takes you along the old route on King's Road. You can also cycle parts of the authentic old route on King's Road with a touring bike or mountain bike. Along the way, Lærdalsdalen offers a lot of history, like the historic roads and Borgund stave church. 

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5 reasons to stay at Lærdal Holiday and Leisure Park

  • Outdoors adventures at the magnificent Sognefjord.

  • Plenty of culture & activities f.ex. at our new Lærdal Showtheater.

  • Short driving distance to attractions, highlights and activities in the entire region.

  • Accommodations in all price categories-camping, motel, apartments and cabins.

  • Excellent facilities including restaurant, sport equipment`s rental station and the Motorikpark™.

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