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By staying overnight in Lærdal, you have a very good starting point to experience the entire Sognefjord region, Jotunheimen and the ski and mountain destinations Hemsedal and Filefjell. 


You will find some of our suggestions for day trips during your stay in Lærdal. 

Feel free to ask us about more trip suggestions - even if you stay with us for several weeks, we are sure that we will find something new for you to experience every day!


In addition to great nature experiences, you can visit several sights and attractions and museums along the way.  

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Tour 1: Lærdal - "The snow road" - Flåm - Lærdal tunnel

  • The snow road
  • Viewpoint Stegastein
  • Aurlandsskoen
  • Otternes Bygdetun
  • Fjord cruise Flåm-Gudvangen-Flåm
  • Flåm Railway
  • The Flåm Railway Museum
  • Lærdal tunnel

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Tour 2: Lærdal - Aurlandsfjellet / "The snow road" - Flåm - Gudvangen - Vinje - Vik - Sogndal - Lærdal

  • "The snow road" - (Aurlandsroad, county road over the mountain between Aurland and Lærdal) 
  • Viewpoint Stegastein
  • Otternes Bygdetun
  • Flåm Railway
  • The Flåm Railway Museum
  • Underdal
  • The white caves in Gudvangen
  • Vikafjellet
  • Fjord road Hella - Leikanger

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Tour 3: Lærdal - Øvre Årdal - Turtagrø - Jostedal - Sogndal - Lærdal

  • Fjord view
  • Nature house in Utladalen by Hjellefossen
  • Tindevegen to Turtagrø
  • The Nigard glacier
  • The Breheim center in Jostedal
  • Sogn Folk Museum
  • Sogn Fjord Museum

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Tour 4: Lærdal - Borgund - Øvre Årdal - Lærdal

  • Galdane / Koren / Vindhellavegen / Sverrestigen - historic roads
  • Borgund Stave church
  • Borlo Bygdetun
  • King's road
  • Eidsbu farm
  • Sletterust
  • Nature house in Utladalen by Hjellefossen

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5 reasons to stay at Lærdal Holiday and Leisure Park

  • Outdoors adventures at the magnificent Sognefjord.

  • Plenty of culture & activities f.ex. at our new Lærdal Showtheater.

  • Short driving distance to attractions, highlights and activities in the entire region.

  • Accommodations in all price categories-camping, motel, apartments and cabins.

  • Excellent facilities including restaurant, sport equipment`s rental station and the Motorikpark™.

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