Sights nearby

If you take your holiday to Lærdal, you have very good opportunities to explore other cultural and natural attractions in the immediate area. 

Flåmsbana, Norwegian Ice Museum, The Heiberg Collection & Hansestadt Bergen are all destinations you can reach on a day trip by car or by bus. 



Breheimsenteret Jostedal

Breheimsenteret is an authorized visitor center for Jostedalsbreen National Park and Breheimen National Park. These two national parks have 9 of the largest glaciers in Norway, including Jostedalsbreen which is the largest at 474 km2.

The exhibition shows in an interesting, informative and interactive way how the glaciers and the climate have changed throughout history, the glacial landscape, what it is like to live by the glaciers and how to utilize the resources around the glaciers. The exhibition shows some of the most varied nature we have in Norway, from the lush deep valleys to barren high mountains and glaciers. 

As part of the exhibition, there is also a slide film in its own cinema which takes you on a journey under, on and around the mighty glaciers through the different seasons. 


Norsk Bremuseum og Bokbyen i Fjærland

The purpose of the Norwegian Glacier Museum is to collect, create and spread knowledge about glaciers and climate. The foundation's activities include the fields of natural sciences and cultural history. The glacier museum shows the interaction in nature and between nature and man - through advanced film technology, interactive models and your own experiments with real glacier ice. The Norwegian Glacier Museum is for the curious person. The main exhibition was completely renovated and updated with a new and fresh design in the winter of 2016. Alongside the exhibition, our main attractions are the panoramic film about Jostedals glacier and the experiential exhibition "Climate Change". 


What is a glacier? What is calving? Why is the ice blue?

Why is the fjord green? 

You will get answers to all these questions and more at the Norwegian Glacier Museum!


The Norwegian Book City sells used books in idyllic Fjærland. 

They have books in all different categories!


Sogn and Fjordane Museum - The Heiberg Collection

You can find the local history museum "Dei Heibergske Samlingar" only 16 km plus ferry crossing from the holiday park, in Kaupanger. Experience Sogn's cultural history with your own eyes. 


Museums of Sogn and Fjordane

Take the family on a journey back in time for an educational experience, or meet works of art by famous artists. 

The museums in Sogn and Fjordane have 13 different museums, spread over the entire county. At our museum you can learn about how people in Sogn and Fjordane have lived, meet works of art by well- known artists, and learn about Norwegian tourism history and much more. Throughout the year, you can participate in various activities and events for the whole family. Below you will find information about all our museums. Welcome to an educational experience!


The Flåm Railway and the Flåm Railway Museum

Get to know the exciting stories behind the construction of the steepest railway in the world, with a visit to the Flåm Railway Museums. At the museum, you get to know the hard- working people who built this masterpiece, and the many technical and legal challenges they faced during construction. 


Hansestadt Bergen

As a European City of Culture and World Heritage City, Bergen offers you experiences and culture at the forefront. As a gateway to the Norwegian fjords, the Bergen region gives you the ideal combination of nature, culture and interesting city experiences. Regardless of the season. You will always find plenty to do here!


Bergen is an international city full of history and tradition and with a large selection of events every year. A big city with a small- town charm and atmosphere. Bergen likes visitors. And Bergen is worth a visit. 

5 reasons to stay at Lærdal Holiday and Leisure Park

  • Outdoors adventures at the magnificent Sognefjord.

  • Plenty of culture & activities f.ex. at our new Lærdal Showtheater.

  • Short driving distance to attractions, highlights and activities in the entire region.

  • Accommodations in all price categories-camping, motel, apartments and cabins.

  • Excellent facilities including restaurant, sport equipment`s rental station and the Motorikpark™.

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