Lærdalsmarknaden -the local marked


Lærdalsmarknaden -the local marked,
yet another good reason to visit Lærdal.

About 400 meters from the holiday park, lies the old town of Lærdalsøyri. The area that houses three annual markets in Lærdal.

These three are considered the largest outdoor markets in this part of the country.
The summer market is always the third weekend in June. With about 15,000 visitors every year, the space on old Lærdalsøyri quickly becomes crowded. But there is no obstacle for either small or large market enthusiasts. You will find both sales- and lottery booths. "Handmade with love" can be read on the labels. That applies to all goods, not just those that are marked with it. And also for those who provide food stands. Something for every taste. Here you will find everything from fish, meat and cheese, to sweets and cakes. Behind the lottery booths are volunteer elders, always smiling and grateful that you contributed. And it is not quiet. The conversation runs easy when you meet acquaintances. Or you hum along to a stanza you picked up in Kvammegården. From there, the entertainment is varied and rich in content. Both local and out-of-town musicians, girls and boys, offer song and dance. If you want to skip cooking dinner yourself, you have a wide selection to choose from. Porridge, soup, barbecue, pizza, or real potato from Lærdal. In the evening, local dance bands play up to the market dance. There is always success with a sing along.



The autumn market, which was the original Lærdalsmarknaden, comes the last weekend in September. This market is of course characterized by autumn, and all the wonderful things that autumn has to offer are at the center. Food stands abounds in local vegetables and fruits in wonderful colors. There are usually over 40 different types. Everything is newly picked. Temptations in a row. Local product is the key word, and most goods come from farmers up the valley. Other food stands you can find have cured meat, lefsekling, goat cheese, honey, herring and rakfisk.

 (Rakfisk, rakefisk or rakafisk are mainly fermented fish, often freshwater species such as trout, salmon, char, grayling and whitefish, but also other species can be raked such as perch and herring.)

As well as warm clothes and varied selection of leather. The weather can easily go both ways at this time of year, but people do not let that stop them. There are many visitors to this market as well.



The Christmas market, comes the third saturday in November. Christmas lights are up everywhere. It is extra nice if it`s been snowing.. A walk in the old town then, is some of the most idyllic you can imagine. This market is relatively new, but has already set its mark over the season. As the season goes on, so are the stands. You can buy birdfeeders, hand-molded candles, winter clothes, Christmas decorations and many good Christmas gift tips. We also use to have Vikings here. Little elves provide a good experience for the little ones. The local marching band always set the Cristmas mood with wonderful Christmas music, and  food for the holiday can easily be found in the street. The atmosphere is warm and cozy, and a visit here is a perfect place to start the season.


5 reasons to stay at Lærdal Holiday and Leisure Park

  • Outdoors adventures at the magnificent Sognefjord.

  • Active holidays with plenty of opportunities for sport & guided tours.

  • Short driving distance to attractions, highlights and activities in the entire region.

  • Accommodations in all price categories-camping, motel, apartments and cabins.

  • Excellent facilities including restaurant, sport equipment`s rental station and the Motorikpark™.

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