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Storehaugen Opp utsiktLærdal Ferie- og Fritidspark is an ideal location for an active holiday, training camps and competitions. Since the valley is flat, and have roads leading up in the mountains, it provides opportunities for both speed and climbing, cycling, skiing
and running. There is also an uphill race arranged here, on one of the most beautiful trails we have in this area, "Storehaugen Opp".


Laerdal and the surrounding area offers a paradise of hiking possibilities, many of which one can reach with a walk from the holiday
park. With the fjord just outside the cabin door or caravan, you also
have the possibility to go fishing, or simply just enjoy the tranquility by the fjord.


We have a sports hall just 1 km from Lærdal Ferie- og Fritidspark, which in cooperation with the sports halls in Aurland and Årdal, is the arena for events such as the Veterancup.




P1011244 We have been hosts for training camps and events for sports like cycling, running, triathlon, football and handball. We are happy to help you organizing, and contribute as sponsors, if you have an event or training camp you would like to
arrange. Phone: (+47) 57 66 66 95,





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