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Attractions in Lærdal

Borgund Stavkyrkje
BorgundBorgund Stavechurch is located 28km from the holiday park, at Borgund in Lærdal. The church was built around 1180. Borgund stavkyrkje ligg på Borgund i Lærdal. Kyrkja er bygd kring år 1180. The church is well preserved and is the most characteristic of the Norwegian stave churches. You can combine the visit at the stave church with a nice trip by bike, or a hiking trip on the old roads. You can rent bikes here at the holiday park! You can find more information about the stave church on The Society for the Preservation of Norwegian Ancient Monuments webpage.



The Old Lærdalsøyri

laerdalsentrum "150 small houses, tightly squeezed together...." - this is how bishop Pontoppidan described Lærdalsøyri, while on a travel trough Lærdal in 1749. Up until 1860 there was an upsurge in trade and traffic, and Lærdal became a hub between Eastern and Western Norway. Today, the Old Village at Lærdalsøyri is a conservation area. The Old Village is located only 400m from the holiday park. Here you can find a gallery and a post- and telecom museum. 


 Norsk Villakssenter

LærdalselviThe Norwegian Wild Salmon Center gives the visitors an insight in the life of the Atlantic salmon, the threat to the wild salmon stock, and the traditions in fishing salmon. Located 400m from the holiday park.






Sogn Kunstsenter / Sogn Art Museum
See link. Located 400 m from the holiday park.


Historical roads
..."the most dangerous road you'll find in the world...." was bishop Pontoppidan's description while he was travelling trough Lærdal in 1749. Easily accessed from E-16 east towards the Stave Church. Ca. 20 km from holiday park, turn left, off the main road.


Borlo Bygdetun
Ca 40 km from the holiday park by the junction, E16/Rv 52.



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